Price and Discount Close window

There are two prices from, retail price and wholesale price. Products sold directly on this website are at discounted retail price. But for a large volume purchase, LaModelDisplay offers Wholesale price, please call at 1-800-883-0681.

  1. Discounted Retail Price:
    The price shown on our website is a discounted retail price.
  2. Whole Sale Price:
    Wholesale Price is applied to Retail customers or customers who order over $1500. Please call at 1-800-883-0681 to get Wholesale price.
  3. Coupon:
    We send customers coupon as Promotion or Holiday Season Gift Card by email or post them on the website. Enter the coupon number on Checkout form and click re-calculate button to get the discount price. This coupon is given universally to all our registered customers. We encourage you register in our site to get the coupon.
  4. Sale and Clearance:
    We will have big seasonal sale and clearance for some of the dress forms, mannequins and other products. Sale and Clearance information can be found on our website. Coupon is not used to Sale and clearances.
  5. Lowest price policy:
    We quarantee the lowest price for the product you purchased. If we can verify the price from the website you send to us, we will pay you back the difference by check.
  6. New York Sale Tax:
    Customers from New York have to pay 8.375% Sale Tax as New York State Law.